Waiting for the limo with the 2 bags of luggage.
April 26th

Leaving Fort Lauderdale - April 27th

Captain's Reception - April 28th
(A picture of a picture)

Medical Evacuation - April 29th

April 30th - Our tender boat going out to the island of San Andres, Columbia

April 30th- San Andres Pilot boat coming to greet us

May 1st - Gatun Locks - Panama Canal

Our ship, the Mariner, going through the canal.
I was a bit late in getting the front of the ship.
My cabin is on the top row of balcony levels ...below the black glass...right in the center of the back group of balconies.

A picture for my nephew Andy...the "mule train" pulling a ship through the canal.

Me at the Gatun Locks

May Trees near the Gatun Yacht Harbor. They turn yellow as the rain season begins.

The "Gold Mountain" and Centennial Bridge, marking the Continental Divide

Passing under the Centennial Bridge

The Miraflores Locks

Going through the Miraflores Locks

May 2nd- Island of the coast of Panama. Notice the smooth seas.

Church in Puntarenas, Costa Rica

Siesta Time

Beach at Puntarenas, Costa Rica

Hotels/Condos on the cliffs in Huatulco, Mexico

Our dock in Huatulco, Mexico

One of the 5 star hotels at one of the Huatulco Bays. Quinta Real Hotel

Onboard the Huatulco Bay Cruise

This is a map of the Huatulco area. We are alongside at the Playa Santa Cruz Bay.
This shows the area that the Bay cruise covered. We went from one end of the map to the other.

The "Face of Stone" in Huatulco Bay

Kay (another passenger) and I on the Huatulco Bay Cruise

May 6 - Dancers

May 6 - Cliff Diving

May 6 - Overlooking Acapulco

The dessert galley

The main galley (hot food)

Executive Chef Mike Romhild

Pirate ship at Puerto Vallarta

Passenger taken by boat to Puerto Vallarta

City Sign in Cabo San Lucas

The arch on "Lovers Beach" in Cabo San Lucas

Port Hueneme

Our ship coming into S.F.

The Great People:

Tony and Victoria Torres (my gambling buddies)

Phil Haskett and Janet Simonitsch (from the Hawaii/Tahiti Cruise)

Jake and Donna (Janet's Parents)

Andrea, the bartender

Neil and Massimo from Australia

Michael Bragg from San Francisco

Daniel, my waiter for dinner. He also serves lunches on the pool deck.
Daniel was also my waiter last year.